The Right Fit Made Easy

With seven sizes to choose from and the ability to try on at home, Motiv’s Home Try-On makes it easy to get the right fit. Motiv Ring sizes are a little different than traditional ring sizes, and a good fit is essential to getting good data. We recommend wearing the sizing set rings for 24 hours to ensure a good fit.
Render of the internals of the Motiv Ring

Share Your Sizing Set!

Your Motiv Ring Sizing Set can be shared with friends and family to help them find their size—without having to wait for a Sizing Set to come in the mail—plus they get a $20 discount off their purchase. Once they find their size, they’ll enter the Redemption Code shown on your sizing set at and receive $20 off.

24/7 Smart Ring

Motiv Ring now delivers even more convenience and information to you 24 hours of your day, 7 days a week.
Motiv Ring
  • We recommend that you order a Sizing Set prior to purchasing a ring to ensure maximum comfort and accuracy. Note, Motiv Ring sizes are a little different than traditional ring sizes.
  • The Sizing Set is a simple three-step process: order a Sizing Set, find your Motiv Ring size, and return to our website to order your Motiv Ring.
  • The cost of the Sizing Set will be credited towards your purchase of a Motiv Ring (not including shipping)
Apply the price of your sizing set on your Ring purchase!

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